MTS Spark WaveTM Therapy Systems – for a kidney-friendly & effective stone therapy

The extracorporeal Spark WaveTM lithotripsy (ESWL) was first applied to the human body as a non-invasive therapy of renal stones at the University Medical Center Großhadern, Munich, Germany in 1980. Today, it is known to be the most commonly used treatment method for urolithiasis and is characterized by a great success of the therapeutic outcome as well as little side effects.

MTS lithotripter devices feature amongst others large treatment foci in combination with renal-friendly peak energy. They are proven to reach fragmentation rates of >95% with only one ESWL session.
During the therapy process, the stone is fully surrounded and held by the large (device) focus of the MTS systems. The in the focus concentrated energy can hence take effect on the stone from all sides disintegrating it into sand grain-sized particles through the so-called squeezing effect. Moreover, the limited maximum pressure of our lithotripter devices guarantees an especially renal- and tissue-friendly therapy with reduced side effects.