Cellulite treatment with MTS Spark Waves™ – for fundamental skin revitalization

Cosmetic indications such as cellulite or stretch marks occur exclusively in women. Over 80% of all women are confronted at least once in their lifetime with cellulite mainly at thighs, buttocks region as well as upper arms. And although cosmetic indications are not recognized as a “disease”, they are a real problem for many women limiting their physical as well as psychological well-being.
With its innovative Spark WaveTM therapy MTS represents a gentle and at the same time effective treatment option for cosmetic indications.

How do Spark WavesTM work in aesthetics?

The beneficial effect of Spark WavesTM can be directly used for the treatment of cosmetic indications. In the process especially the biological regeneration mechanisms of Spark WavesTM are utilized, as they

  • initiate the development of new blood vessels,
  • generally activate the metabolism within the treated areas,
  • lead to a improved microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat tissue and promote the lipid catabolism in lower tissue layers.

The combination of all these factors leads to a fundamental revitalization of the connective tissue as well as the reduction of girth of treated parts of the body.

Which aesthetic indications is Spark WaveTM therapy qualified for?

  • Cellulite
  • Stretch marks (striae)
  • Reduction/ smoothing of scar tissue


How is the treatment with dermagold100 conducted?

The treatment is conducted ambulatory and is free of pain. Ultrasound gel is applied directly on the area that shall be treated. The applicator is put on top and the Spark WavesTM are released whilst moving the applicator over the affected skin area. The number of Spark WavesTM applied, depends on type of indication.

Treatment duration & number of treatments

To achieve optimal treatment results shock wave treatment twice per week over a period of four to six weeks is recommended.