Wound Care

MTS Spark WavesTM – a new method for the active promotion of wound healing

Chronic skin lesions frequently lead to a drastic deterioration of life quality, high treatment costs and lasting pain. Spark WaveTM Therapy establishes a new treatment method in the field of wound healing that actively promotes the healing process. This new therapy has already proven to be an effective alternative to conservative treatment practices.

What is the effect of MTS Spark WavesTM in wound healing?

The MTS Spark WavesTM re-initiate the stagnating healing process in a subactue and chronic state; in an acute stadium they initiate a quick and effective healing process. They stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the tissue and cause the following biological responses on cellular level:

  • Release of the body´s own angiogenic growth factors as for instance VEGF, eNOS etc.
  • New generation of blood vessels
  • Improved blood supply and cell proliferation as well as
  • Migration of stem cells.

In addition, MTS Spark WavesTM unfold in vitro a bactericidal effect which strongly minimizes the amount of germs and bacteria in the affected tissue.
The combination of all mentioned factors stimulates the healing process, promotes the development of new and healthy tissue (Tissue Regeneration) and leads to improved wound healing.

Which indications in the field of wound healing is MTS Spark WaveTM Therapy qualified for?

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Decubitus ulcer
  • Non-healing lesions
  • Acute and chronic lesions
  • Post traumatic lesions
  • Post-operative healing disorders
  • Burns.


How is the treatment conducted?

The wound is covered with sterile ultrasound gel and a sterile foil. On that foil further ultrasound gel is applied and the applicator is put on top. The physician decides on the quantity of the Spark WaveTM impulses depending on the type and size of the wound and applies the Spark WavesTM evenly over the affected skin area. The wound care will be continued as before. The wound dressing ought to be chosen to suit the wound.

Treatment duration & number of treatments with MTS Spark WaveTM therapy systems

The shock wave therapy only lasts for several minutes and is repeated on a weekly or fortnightly basis if required.

How successful is the application of MTS Spark WavesTM in the field of wound healing?

According to the current situation of clinical studies, MTS Spark WavesTM lead in up to 80% of all patients to complete healing regardless the wound cause within 7-10 weeks.