Musculoskeletal disorders

MTS Spark Waves® – successfully treating musculoskeletal disorders

Pain of the musculoskeletal system can seriously affect the mobility of the patient and their participation in daily life. With innovative Spark Wave Therapy, an effective alternative to medicinal and surgical treatments has been established for a multitude of orthopaedic indications. Spark Wave Therapy represents a non-invasive therapy option. It is considered to be safe, easily tolerable and effective.

How does MTS Spark Wave® Therapy work in orthopedics?

In sub-acute and chronic stages, MTS Spark Waves re-initiate the stagnant healing process, in acute stages they initiate a rapid and effective healing phase. They stimulate the natural healing powers of the tissue and induce following biological reactions at the cellular level:

•  Formation of endogenous, angiogenic growth factors such as VEGF, eNOS, etc.
•  Activation, recruitment and differentiation of parenchymal and mesenchymal stem cells
•  Regeneration of the injured tissue
•  New formation of blood vessels
•  Improved blood supply and cell proliferation

Taken together, these factors stimulate the body`s own regenerative and repairing processes, promote the development of new and healthy tissue and result in improved alleviation of the symptoms during the healing process.

Which orthopaedic indications is MTS Spark Wave® Therapy qualified for?

  • Impingement syndrome with or without tendinosis calcarea (calcifying tendinitis)
  • Epicondylitis humeri radialis and ulnaris
  • Plantar fasciitis & heel spur
  • Patella tendon syndrome
  • Pseudarthrosis in small bones (also infected and in the chronic state)
  • Achillodynia (painful heel syndrome)
  • Myofascial pain syndrome (treatment of trigger points)

How is the treatment with Spark Waves® performed?

The treatment is usually carried out on an outpatient basis and without the need for anaesthesia. The treatment area is determined through palpation, or X-ray according to the diagnosis. Prior to the therapy, ultrasound gel is applied and the therapy head is moved across the affected area while releasing the Spark Wave pulses. The quantity and intensity of the Spark Wave pulses can vary depending on the indication.

Treatment duration & number of treatments

The actual treatment only takes about four to six minutes. From experience, about one to two therapy sessions are sufficient for a satisfying result.

What is the success rate of MTS Spark Wave® Therapy in orthopaedics?

For over 80 % of all patients, the treatment success can already be observed after the first session. Especially the treatment of chronic pain in tendons and ligaments, of calcification as well as of pseudarthroses achieves excellent therapy results.

Which side effects can occur?

Serious side effects have not been noted. In rare cases a short-term increase in pain subsequent to application can occur in the treated area. The pain will disappear within 1 to 2 days.