Successful treatment of nonunions with orthogold280

A pseudarthrosis is defined as a false joint that emerged from a non-healing fracture. It manifests itself if healing of a fracture has not been achieved within six months after a fracture. Non-unions occur in 5 to 10 % of all fracture patients. They are usually very painful and limit the mobility of the person affected.

The current standard of care for the treatment of pseudarthrosis comprises debridement of the pseudarthrotic tissue, cleaning of the fragment edges, insertion of autologous cancellous bone and stabilization with osteosynthetic material. However, these surgical procedures are very costly, they are time consuming, are associated with a high complication rate and, most concerning, extremely traumatic for the patient.

Consequently, there is a high interest for a non-invasive, effective and efficient treatment alternative for pseudarthrosis. Spark Wave Therapy with orthogold280 represents an exceptional treatment alternative.

How do Spark Waves® work in the treatment of non-unions?

Spark Waves exert various effects on bone tissue. Generally speaking, they stimulate the re-initiation of stagnant healing processes in subacute and chronic conditions and appear to initiate a more rapid and effective healing in acute conditions. Spark Waves activate the natural healing mechanisms of the tissue and induce – amongst others – following biological reactions at the cellular level:

•  Formation of endogenous, angiogenic growth factors, such as VEGF, eNOS, etc.
•  Activation, recruitment and differentiation of parenchymal and mesenchymal stem cells
•  Regeneration of the injured tissue
•  New formation of blood vessels
•  Improved blood supply and cell proliferation

These factors stimulate the healing process and finally lead to complete healing of the bone fracture.

How is the treatment of pseudarthrosis conducted with orthogold280?

Depending on the region to be treated, Spark Wave Therapy is administered under general, regional or local anaesthesia. The extremity is placed in such a way that it is optimally reached with the orthogold280.

During the therapy, the fracture is localised via an imaging system, ultrasound gel is applied and the therapy head moved across the affected area while releasing the Spark Wave pulses. Quantity and intensity of the Spark Wave pulses are dependent on the indication.

After the Spark Wave treatment, the bone injury is immobilized with a plaster cast or plastic splint until fracture healing is completed.

What is the healing success rate for the treatment of non-unions with the orthogold280?

The non-invasive shock wave treatment with orthogold280 has a proven healing rate of over 80 % and represents an effective and economic alternative to surgery.

Treatment duration & number of treatments

In general, one single treatment with orthogold280 is necessary for the successful therapy of non-unions. Very rarely a second or third treatment becomes necessary three or six months after the first treatment, respectively.