lithogold380 – the new generation of devices in ESWL for a gentle therapy of urolithiasis

Renal stones are one of the most painful affections of the urinary tract. The morbidity rate in Central and Western Europe is about 5 % of the population whereas men, typically aged between of 30 and 50, are affected more frequently than women. The extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) was introduced as a non-invasive therapy solution for renal stones in 1980. Today, it is the most common treatment method for urolithiasis. ESWL is characterised by a great success of the therapeutic outcome as well as low side effects.


MTS Spark Waves® – an innovative & effective long-term solution for patients suffering from urogenital diseases

Urogenital indications such as painful penile angulation, erection problems and chronic pain in the pelvic region frequently lead to a reduced quality of life for affected patients. Besides the actual symptoms these indications often have a negative impact on sexuality and partnership. With the Spark Wave Therapy system urogold100 a simultaneously gentle and effective treatment option for patients suffering from urogenital diseases is now available.