Urogenital Indications

MTS Spark Waves® – an innovative & effective long-term solution for patients suffering from urogenital diseases

Urogenital indications such as painful penile angulation, erection problems and / or chronic pain in the pelvic region usually lead to a reduced quality of life for the person affected. Besides the actual symptoms these indications often have a negative impact on sexuality and partnership. With the new Spark Wave Therapy system urogold100 a simultaneously gentle and effective treatment option for patients suffering from urogenital diseases is now available.

What is the effect of MTS Spark Wave® Therapy in urology?

Spark Wave Therapy applied in urogenital indications makes use of endogenous, biological regeneration mechanisms. Spark Waves stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the tissue at the cellular level and lead to improved blood supply due to the stimulation of growth factors, the migration of stem cells and the generation of new blood vessels.

These factors lead to an improvement of the patient´s erection as well as to pain reduction, muscle relaxation and, potentially, to the healing of patients with chronic pain in the urogenital area.



Which urogenital indications is MTS Spark Wave® Therapy with urogold100 qualified for?

  • Penile angulation (Peyronie´s disease / induratio penis plastica)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS)

Please see ed-information.com for more information to find an urogold100 treatment center.

How is the treatment with urogold100® performed?

The therapy of IPP, ED or CPPS is carried out on an outpatient basis. According to the diagnosis, the treatment area is determined through palpation or ultrasound. Ultrasound gel is applied and the therapy head is moved across the affected area while releasing the Spark Wave pulses. Quantity and intensity of the pulses are dependent on the specific indication. The greatest advantage for the patient is, that the therapy is painless and requires no anaesthesia. No side effects have been reported.