Wound Care

MTS Spark Waves® – a new method for the active promotion of wound healing

Chronic skin lesions often lead to a drastic deterioration of the quality of life, to high treatment costs and lasting pain. Spark Wave Therapy establishes a new treatment method in the field of wound healing that actively promotes the healing process. This new therapy has already proven to be an effective supplement to common practices.

What is the effect of MTS Spark Waves® in wound healing?

MTS Spark Waves re-initiate the stagnating healing process in a subacute and chronic state; in an acute stage they initiate a quick and effective healing process. They stimulate the natural healing mechanisms of the tissue and cause biological responses at the cellular level:

  • Release of the body´s own angiogenic growth factors as for instance VEGF, eNOS etc.
  • Activation, recruitment and differentiation of stem cells
  • Regeneration of the injured tissue
  • New formation of capillary blood vessels
  • Improved blood supply and cell proliferation

In addition, MTS Spark Waves elicit a bactericidal effect which strongly minimizes the amount of germs and bacteria in the affected tissue.

Taken together, these factors stimulate body`s own regenerative and repairing processes, promote the development of new and healthy tissue and lead to an improved wound healing.

Which indications in the field of wound healing is MTS Spark Wave® Therapy qualified for?

  • Posttraumatic lesions
  • Postoperative healing disorders
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Burns

How is the treatment conducted?

The Spark Wave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, is well tolerated by patients, easy to apply on an outpatient basis and does not require any anaesthesia. Prior to the application of Spark Waves to the affected area, sterile ultrasound gel is applied directly on the wound and covered with a sterile foil.  With further ultrasound gel, the applicator is put at the foil’s surface and the Spark Waves are released while moving the applicator along the affected area. The amount of Spark Waves applied depends on the wound type, size and degree.

Treatment duration & number of treatments

The treatment session lasts only a few minutes and is repeated weekly, every two weeks, as long as necessary.

How successful is MTS Spark Wave® Therapy in wound healing?

According to the current findings of clinical studies, MTS Spark Wave Therapy leads to a complete healing in up to 80 % of all patients, independent from the aetiology of the wound, within 7 – 10 weeks.