MTS Spark Wave® Therapy Systems – for the effective & efficient healing of musculoskeletal disorders

At the beginning of the nineties, Spark Waves were introduced in the treatment of non-healing bone fractures, so called pseudarthrosis. To date, its application has been extended to numerous classic orthopaedic indications such as shoulder tendinopathies, epicondylitis and achillodynia for instance.

With MTS Spark Wave therapy systems, the entire orthopaedic range of indications can effectively be treated requiring only a minimum amount of post treatments. Our products are suitable for practicing physicians and clinics. Special emphasis should be placed on our orthopaedic flagship orthogold280. Currently, the orthogold280 represents the only system on the market which reliably heals pseudarthrosis with a success rate up to 80 % and furthermore in a chronic and infected state. The technology can refer to a long-term, evidence-based scientific documentation.